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With Sid's Custom Cabinets and Furniture, I will have you thinking "outside the box" (box stores that is). Those box stores have limitations on wood, laminates, styles, colors, and finishes.  I have developed close-working relationships with multiple vendors, so I am able to offer you more choices.


I use only high-quality wood, not particle board (see definition below). Particle board does not hold up well over time and absorbs moisture.


Everything I build is custom made to your specifications.

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, I will help you design and build your project to meet your wants and needs no matter how big or small they may be. 

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The difference between real wood and particle board?

Particle board is considered engineered wood, made by combining wood particles with a resin binder. It is not considered solid wood.  Particle board is formed with less refined wood fragments and offers low-cost stability at the expense of strength and durability. Real wood is a natural product that comes from trees. It is solid wood that has been cut from trees and processed into boards or other shapes. It, by far, is the most durable and reliable option for cabinets and furniture.

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